I love how I feel when Im with him, but I get sad when we aren't together. is there any hope he might come around eventually?

we hook up whenever we go out together in groups and I spend the night at his or he stays at mine. the sex is fun and it seems like we are both into each other. he calls me cute and hot, and even told me he missed me when we went some time without seeing each other. we cuddle and he scratches my back, and he made me breakfast and offered me coffee. I love spending time with him one on one, but when I leave I don't hear from him until I see him next. Is there any hope this might turn into something more? and is it even worth feeling good only to be sad the next day? is it possible if I distance myself he may seem more interested?


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  • Have you ever had a conversation with him about how you feel and to ask about how he feels?

    • I told him he could be confusing sometimes and he said the last thing he wanted to do was to confuse me

    • There is much more that needs to be said and your problem will not be solved through conversations with strangers ion G@G.

  • No he won't be more intrested if u distance yourself he will simply find someone else you shouldn't hook up if u are not in the mindset of it

    • but why does he make it seem like its more if its not?

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    • trying to keep me sweet as in trying to keep me around to hook up?

    • Yes that and make sure u are happy with

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