Odds of my boyfriend cheating or leaving me for someone else?

My boyfriend and I both love each other. He always says he loves me from the bottom of his heart, loves me so much etc. He also said he has no plans to cheat on me and hasn't even thought of it cos he's happy with me. I joked I bet a lot of girls hit on him and he said he has no interest. He said having a one night stand with someone isn't worth it when he can be with me all the time instead. We haven't been together that long (16 months) so I think of the possibility of him cheating or leaving quite a bit. I would be devastated. How do I relax?


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  • I would say that 16 months is pretty long. If you've been spending quite a bit of time together during that 16 months you should have developed a pretty good connection by now.

    Certainly there are some guys that will cheat just for sex and there's not much you can do about that other than to try to avoid getting involved with them in the first place.

    Most guys though I think will only cheat if they are feeling unsatisfied in their relationship. From what you've said I don't see any reason to believe that he's unsatisfied with you. He says he really loves you and is happy with you. Unless you are seeing things in his actions that make you think he's lying to you about being happy, I think you should just trust him and appreciate having someone that is so attached to you.

    Is he doing anything to make you think he's unhappy and/or might cheat? Or are you just worrying about it because you know it happens even though you have no real reason to think it's a risk in your relationship?

    If it's the second one, I think you should just try to relax and enjoy being in a good relationship rather than making yourself unhappy worrying about something that probably won't happen.

    • No I don't think he's unhappy. It's the second one. It just seems to happen a lot and I fear it now the most cos I'm really attached to him too. I'm sure he does love me a lot cos he says it a few times a week and he seems genuine when saying it so I don't think he is lying. He said he hates lies and he wouldn't do anything behind my back so if he was unhappy I'm sure he would tell me if he was considering another girl. It's just the possibility that it could happen regardless kind of scares me

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    • Could I pm you?

    • Yes. Feel free to pm me.

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  • Well if you cominicate your insecurities he will leave cause no guy wants to have to constantly reassure his girlfriend that he loves her. You're effectively making yourself seem like a low quality girl in comparison to the girls he might cheat on. If you project that into him for long enough he'll start to think he's better off finding someone else.

  • The odd are pretty good until you change your perception. Guys will only tolerate that kinda thinking for so long

  • Just chill out, if you have no reason to be paranoid then don't be.

  • 50% at least. That is the harsh reality of it all.

    • Yeah that's what makes me anxious. 50% is high

    • You can't avoid it. The rate of women leaving guys or cheating is even higher these days.

    • Yeah but the other 50 percent won't... Which is also a high number. Don't focus in the negative

  • cheating isn't bad tho

  • Odds are higher that you will cheat on him

    • How?

    • It’s just the way women are

    • I think more men cheat though

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  • I don't think he will cheat. But love or not you need to learn to trust him and stop pushing the subject with him as it may push him away or may make him feel like you're accusing him of cheating.

    So what if other people in relationships cheat, doesn't mean he will. Don't base your relationship on what you have heard about others. Not every man is a cheater.


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