Guys, what do you think about this situation? Does he care for me?

So this guy who is way older than me and has a wife/girlfriend had/has a big crush on me (or at least he say he has) we use to be very close and he was always there for me at any time, i really thought a 110% that he cared for me. His girlfriend even knows about our friendship. And that we use to text 24/7.
long story short i told him i love him as a friend and i want us to be friends and he agreed. But he didn’t stop flirting with me and text sexual things so i told him he was being creepy. After that he kind of stopped texting me as much and when i asked him why he just told me he was busy. And after a while he stopped replying to my texts.
He wished me a happy birthday on fb and he always likes my pics but other than that we haven’t had any contact for 5 months.

Then yesterday he texted me out of nowhere saying ”Babe, i have a kitten that needs a home, please help me out?”
Why is he doing this after so long of no contact? Like nothing ever happend, what does he want?

i haven’t replyd to him yet and also his birthday is comming up next week and i don’t know if im even gonna wish him a happy b day.. help me out guys?


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  • He cared as a lover at first. This is caring like a male friend. If you don't want the cat tell him.

    • But why ignore my texts for 5 months if he’s my friend? Friends don’t do that. It’s really confusing

    • Male friends do that.

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