I want to quit my habit of using girls please help me?

so when i was young i got rejected by my first crush, she called me ugly and a disgusting piece of shit i felt super bad and did a lot of self harm i just wanted to lover her but she didn't so since then i lost all faith in love, so i went to the gym since then and after 6 years i am a very handsome guy my face changed a lot and my self confidence grew i decided that i am gonna use girls till now to date i have slept with many girls cheating on every one of them had sex with prostitues when i was in a relationship and then recently i found out one of my ex was in hospital as she had tried to attempt suicide due to me and then i reflected on myself deeply... so now i want to change this habit how should i change it?


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What Girls Said 2

  • You need to sit down and realized what u do wrong..
    You don't need to use anyone that is not good
    You need to stop having sex with every single girl u see

    You need to write down what you did wrong
    And how u can change it for the better

    • i wanna change but how should i?

    • Like I said write down all the bad stuff you did..
      And then go through it and write down what u can to change it

  • Congrats dumbass.


What Guys Said 1

  • Realize you did wrong and become a better person instead of blaming every girl for 1 girl's mistake. Man up.


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