Dating tips for shy people?

I’m shy, and have a hard time talking to people (especially girls) but once I open up I believe that I am a very likable person. I just need some tips to speed up the process of opening up to someone or just talking to girls in general 🤦‍♂️.


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  • Just be yourself. Find something to talk about. We aren't going to bite your head off.

    • Well duh I’m not SCARED of people I just dont know what to talk about. I’m bad at talking to people when I dont know anything about them

  • The whole thing is a lot easier if you open up sooner rather than later. The thing about shy people is that they're nervous and they're watching everything they say, which kind of gives the impression that you're not seeing the real them. Which at best, makes them seem fake or insincere, and makes their partner uncomfortable as well. And at worst, makes their partner start to think they're hiding something terrible.

    Nothing against shy people. I myself can be very shy. But I understand why guys hesitated to get close to me because of that. My current boyfriend is someone I met online, and his easygoing presence instantly put me at ease and I just sort of instantly became comfortable around him. Maybe the same will happen to you. That, or I maybe recommend dating a girl who you're friends with first.


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