Hitting on older girl than me, im 14 she is 16?

im 14 the "cool" girl is 16. she is super nice and cute girl. we went out twice and talked online few times i "flirted" with her (mostly with nice words about her or deep pickup line cuz i noticed that works better) she flirted back only few times otherwise the reaction was cute smile and thanks if needed, the conversation is always intresting and good between us

. i've got few things that aren't helping me she is older, im not really handsome huy tbh. ussualy how i approach girl i like (i rarrely do) i will build a little bit of conversation with her and quickly ask her if i have any chance with her. im not sure that will work this time.

do i have any chance with this gal and if yes how to continue?


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  • Go for it.

    You have a good strategy if you ask me

    • i will but im 99% sure the answer will be straight no. and she is too cool to risk it that much lol.

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    • just give her a good ride, you got all what you need to satisfy your dream girlfriend, dont doubt it

    • Unless few "handsomeness points" hahah

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