Why do I keep having this problem with guys?

I'm 18 years old, and I've never dated a guy. I've never even kissed a guy! I wouldn't say I'm gorgeous, but I'm at least average. My friends tell me I'm pretty and a lot of guys do too but their comments usually include something about my body as well.

I go through really long periods of sadness because at my school right now all the cliques are disappearing and almost everyone has a boyfriend/girlfriend now. I've been asked out by a few guys, but I either didn't know them well or had a reason not to like them, so I said no.

Why is it that no decent guy has ever paid any attention to me? I'm really smart (going to an Ivy League university next fall), and I'm fun to be around. I'm pretty shy around new people but I do have friends.

I just don't understand why the few guys I have liked don't like me back. Right now I like this guy whose friends say isn't good enough for me, and he won't talk to me at all. And people say he's really nice! I really don't get it :( Ideas?


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  • well its is not your "right" to be liked by the guys you like. and I think that turning guys down cause you don't know them that well is a bit ridiculous, and you probably really hurt him. the dude you like has no obligation to talk to you (first), and it is arrogant of you to think so. but if you talk to him and he just ignores you, then he's a d*** who you probably shouldn't like in the first place. so assuming that through all this you are still a nice person deep down, just be outgoing, approach guys, smile, say whatsup, ask them how they are doing...just the basic aspects of being a friendly person.


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  • Don't be so eager. You're really young and if you just go about your business, someone right for you will come along. A watched pot never boils. just don't worry about it because if you get too eager you may end up being taken advantage of by someone you THINK is a genuinely nice guy who really likes you and things can end up in all sorts of disastrous ways. Just sit back and relax.


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  • I am 18 years old and I have only just got my first proper boyfriend (we are having trouble though so I won't try and advise you on how to 'keep' a relationship!) so yeah like you id never kissed anyone, the closest id got was a small peck on the lips a few months back... hardly major! I ha got to the stage where I was past caring what people thought and I literally just went for it. You need to be kissed even if this isn't with a boyfriend, so when the chance appears go for it, this will give you more confidence with other boys.. also don't do the whole "i don't know you" when rejecting a boy, the whole reason he is asking you out is to get to know you! Just go for it, I went to meet a boy I had only spoken to like once and ended up getting into a relationship with him, I really care about him but even if it ends pretty soon I've had the experience of being in a relationship and being cared for.

    Good luck :)