Rejecting men and love?

Rejecting men and dating because of I'm tired of being messed over - extremely guarded and closed off now to men. I'm always rejecting men- every time I let my guard down these men lie, cheat, and use me for sex. The relationship is always one sided and I always get hurt or played games. I don't trust men nor want them coming towards me - how do I stop it - I'm in my 30s and extremely closed off so many walls because so many men have lied to me
Well every reason why I need to be single because it lessens my chances of being hurt
Well if that's what it is Idc I'm off to myself now - Idc about a hook up culture -


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  • Not every man will hurt you, some will let you walk all over them. There are plenty of men who would give you the world, you just have to find the right one.

    • Idc about the right one I'm fine to myself

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    • I asked a question in how to reject men and they respecting my wishes

    • Wear a I’m taken shirt or a wedding ring to tell people your not available

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  • okay so its all the men's fault.
    You have no responsibility or accountability here.
    You did not set boundaries with these men at all.
    You do not know how to say the word "No"

    We are in a hoop up culture now. relationships and marriage are a thing of the past.

  • Seems like you just attract shitty males.

  • Sounds like someone is having a bad day. I'm sending you love. I hope you have a better day.

    • My day is great just need ways to stop men from coming at me and respecting that I don't want a relationship with any of them

    • Well, that is because you haven't received enough love. I bet if you had plenty of love and less hate, you would think differently.

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