When it comes to dating I am absolutely terrible. Can I get some advice?

I'm socially awkward and tend to mess things up when I can't come up with conversation topics.. It seems the girls i go on dates with don't make much of an effort either and i don't know what to do about it. I'm the type of person who thinks logically, sometimes i tend to over think things and just psyche myself out when its not flowing. I'm an indoorsy person who likes anime, video games, and nerdy things, i don't enjoy parties or anything of the sort, i'm 100% an introvert. I don't want to be uncomfortable with someone and I want to be me. Now here's the thing that throws people off. Naturally i'm very athletic and look like a jock (6" and a lean 200lbs) This make it so i attract the preppy type girls that are not like me at all. When i go for the nerdy type girls that i find pretty i end up being told im not their type right away (first approach) and it confuses the crap out of me. So any advice?
6' :) i had a little typo


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  • Many points to talk about in this one.
    I will be brief and if you want more info in something particular you let me know.

    You can't come up with conversation topics, is because you are trying to hard. You have to be yourself talk about what passionate you. If you like videogames talks of some big accomplishments, talk about life goals, and opinion in popular topics. Avoid political talk for dates tho.

    Some girls will try to keep quiet because they are nervous or they like lessening to what you have to say because they like you. Is not that they are avoiding you. Learn about female body language and you will understand.

    Like I said no matter if you are 100% introvert there is someone for you. Just you got to be yourself and be open to new experiences. Most girls like dancing and going to parties, so if you are not open up for that you can miss a load of opportunities there.

    Well I don't know what you look like or your body language but I can say that many extrovert and outgoing girls in their 18-25 years want to have fun. Want to have sex and enjoy life with hot and handsome guys so if you are a match good for you. Maybe for a one night only or more. But the serious girls, are usually thinking long term. They want someone who will attract them, can make a good father and form a family with.
    So if you don't fit in their criteria, well that is on them.

    But I will tell you all girls want a guy who is charismatic, bold on decision making, can make them laugh and have the body like to be able to protect them. If you have those qualities you are half way there, if not learn them.

    Goodluck ✌️

    • You put a lot of effort into this and I really appreciate it. Thank you a lot. Ill keep on trying and i have the bold and funny part down but i have the charisma of Dyrus (youtube him if you don't know who he is) lol

    • 😂 I will rather not. But hey you want some changes, that is good. And you know it just takes practice, like anything. Go on front of a mirror each time you want to practice on yourself. I did for my interview and worked. And I have done it when preparing for presentations in the class so it has really worked for me. And I think will work on you.

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