Why do we always choose the wrong person?

Myself, a nice sweet guy with above average looks, I just wonder other people's point of view, why do us as nice people always date the "wronguns".. the bad guys and girls who make us feel like trash and treat us badly, why do you think you choose them over someone who actually treats you good?


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  • One of the very mysteries of life!

    I have always wondered why I attract the wrong people.

    I think that once you get everything in your life in order, good people will attract you and naturally find you

    • I have everything in my life in order I attract the scum of the earth and those who wish to hold my heart for 5 minutes before discarding. The sadder thing is I choose them and discard those who might want me for longer in their lives, it's not about looks, or personality, but yet I do choose the worst in the world.

    • Are you saying you have a bad judge of character?

    • I am saying I have a good judge of character just choose the bad ones.

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