Where is a good place for a non-drinker to meet women?

As I mentioned in the title, I don't drink. I've tried going to bars anyway but I end up bored out of my mind and it's awkward walking around hitting on drunk women when I'm sober. Night clubs aren't much of an option for the same reasons. I've kind of hit a wall thinking of ways to meet people in general much less finding a date. My interests are fairly nerdy and thus don't attract many women so finding someone through mutual interests is tough (there aren't many women to chose from and the ones I meet are taken). Any suggestions for where to go or what to do would be a big help. Also a secondary question for the ladies: is there anywhere you go specifically with the intention of attracting guys that doesn't revolve around alcohol (so not bars, clubs, etc.)?


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  • That's a good question.. anything in your community going on for fall that might not be alcohol related? I just went out last night and it was ridiculous lol so many people so drunk.. not really my idea of a good time because I like to remember the evening ha ha.. so I get it. Good luck to you!

    • Thanks. I haven't looked for any festivals or anything like that in a while. I'll check.

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  • Church bro lol

    • I mean... I'm not super religious but yeah something like that was the best I could think of before making this post. Maybe I'll reconsider it.

    • Well a good app to use to find local gatherings of people with the same interests as you is Meetup

    • I already use it. Thanks though.

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