What do you guys think about the whole waiting till 18 if you guys are only 3 years apart?

I have been talking to this guy for a while now. We like each other but dont know what to do. His dad does not like it and does not want us dating. My family is fine with it. I am the one who is a minor.


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  • I am a parent , and I think a young lady should have the choose of who she wants to date but. If that man is older then her say your 17 and his 19 maybe even 20 . Then yes the parents need to know and be supportive.
    I think its a wonderful thing when people find love or a love interest but you need to be aware that often a man older has more experience in life and knows what to say and how to word things to sound really good.
    If your parents she that you can be trusted they will "hopefully" Trust your judgement more. I know as a parent its hard to let there children learn hard lessons like love and heartbreak. But please if your going to have sex "ALWAYS have him wear a condom " and if your going to be active. Since your family is on board with the idea have them get you Birth control pills as well. be-aware that unless they changed it. The pills will not take full affect until 6 months but likely they have changed it. If your want your parents to trust you more don't end of pregnant.


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