Why does he refuse to talk to me?

I had a story with a guy 2 years ago. At that time neither of us wanted a relationship, but as we started going out we got on so well. We were in university and wanted to have fun, but we had an incredible chemistry, sex was great and we were deeply affectionate.

After six months he went back to his family for what should have been a short period, on another continent. We kept in touch and our thing became like a long distance relationship. We grew even fonder of each other as we got to know each other. He found a job there, didn’t have the money to fly back, so eventually he remained there. After one year I managed to put together enough money to fly there. We spent a month together, it was great, he was the sweetest ad had all the attentions for me. He really seemed to be in love, treated me like you would treat someone you really love, said things you would only say to someone you really love. We planned to see each other again five months later.

But he never talked to me again. I tried to contact him many times, he blocked me on social media, he aggressively shouted I didn’t have to talk to him anymore, he blocked my number.

I beloeve he got a girlfriend but I don’t know as I lost all contact. It’s been a year and still he refuses to talk to me and I have no idea why. We never had a fight, it was abrupt from one day to the next.

i suffer terribly much for this and I would like to understand why he’s done that. I had always been clear about the fact that should something change, should we meet someone else, which was totally pribable seen the distance, we should have told each other and stayed friends. He always fully agreed on that.


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  • he doesn't like you... so what. Move on and find someone that does

  • He got with the new girl and needed to get ride of you


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