Moved in with friend and we share the same room and bed, what should I do?

Ok, so I was having a hard time in the place I was living and my guy friend that I’ve known for the past three years, and (we’ve had sex before). Says
“Just come up here to Tahoe and move in”
“Are you serious? Don’t play with me”
“Yes, move up here bring your dog”
“I don’t want to invade your space”
“It’s fine you’re not invading my space”
So I rent a truck and I’m there within the next few days. Meanwhile I’m asking him everyday if he is sure about this? “Yes, I want you up here”

I’m moved in, we’re sharing a room, we’ve had sex he kisses me goodbye before work. Kissss me when he gets home.
I go to hang out with friends he hangs out with his friends, text eachother throughout the night and let each other know when we’re headed home.

We then hang out with his friends st the house, I shower we go to bed. We cuddle have sex. I ask him why he’s single he says “that’s just how I am, I’m just a solo guy”
“I offered you a place because you were in a crappy situation”

So ultimately I’m like wtf, is this?
Thank you guys yeah, I’m not going to worry about it I’m just going to work, and do my own thing. I just don’t want him to feel like he can just have sex with me whenever he wants like 🤨.
Like he could be having sex with other women then coming home and laying in bed with me. I just feel like the whole situation is kinda weird and ultimately this might go in the wrong direction. Staying positive tho
Oh he has a girlfriend now and completely ignores me lol


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What Guys Said 1

  • he likes you but doesn't want commitment but i think he has told you that by saying he is a solo guy. if you can keep that in mind and not expect more i see no reason you need to make any rules

    • Thank you, it’s jist weird. I told him how are you going to bring other women over and date if I’m here. Like I’m totally invading your space. We rent to foreign exchange students in winter and summer, then have approximately 5 months all together where it’s just me and him

What Girls Said 1

  • Seems like a really decent guy. Just what else were you expecting?


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