I was in a relatively minor car accident and my boyfriend never checked up on me or texted/called to see if I was okay?

I was driving home when I was rear ended from behind. The car that hit me was a drunk driver going somewhat slow so damage isn't bad. I went to the ER to get checked if the damage was bad and was sent home. I'm doing pretty good and my pain has been managed with ibuprofen from my medicine cabinet. I'm still a little shaken up though. I texted all my loved ones to let them know what happened. Everyone is checking in on me except my boyfriend. He hasn't even texted or called. I even gave him the courtesy 24 hours to reply before I started to get upset. He's been distant because he got a new job at a fast food place but he couldn't take five minutes to see if I was okay? I'm so upset that I'm considering breaking up with him over this.


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  • That's pretty thoughtless of him. Does he ignore you needs in other areas too?

    • He hasn't been answering my texts or calls. He says he's tired from work but he works 8-12 hour days. It wasn't long ago that he used to work 16 hours and would still insist on seeing me. It makes me wonder what changed

    • Something has changed, and not for the better. He certainly should have called to see how you were, following the accident.

  • He may be considering the same as this is weird to show no concern

  • I totally understand how you feel, but can I play devil's advocate here? These are just possibilities to consider. You haven't checked in on him either have you? He might be feeling this also about you. He will likely also be feeling REALLY bad about the accident and having put you in that position. It might even be bordering on depression. It can affect some people this way. In which case he'll just be isolating himself, not just from you, but the world. Also, what are his injuries? Are they more severe possibly? Maybe he's just too focused on that at the moment.

    I don't know how he is with you in general, so that is what I would base this on. Is he normally inconsiderate like this, or is it just this accident? In situations like this, I always try and put myself in the other person's place and ask myself, "how would I feel" or "what would I do". And everyone is different. Just some things to consider. Maybe he is just really inconsiderate and "doesn't care", but it's possible that's just your feelings and not true at all.

    • Oh, I'm sorry, I misread what you said, it was just you in the accident. I thought it was the both of you. Yeah that's pretty inconsiderate.

    • He hasn't been answering my texts or calls but I thought for sure he would see that I was okay.

    • It's strange he's not answering. I question how much he cares about you? Doesn't sound like he does at all?

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