Is it a date nor nah?

So I matched with this guy twice on both Hinge and Bumble, and had a good time talking. Then he went on and asked for my whatsapp and we talked a bit too on the same day, and it got a bit late so he said"talk tomorrow". The next morning he did text me saying "Happy Saturday, what are you up to?" and then we chatted a bit too. I ended the conversation and about thirty minutes later he said"If you ever want to grab tea or something let me know!" I was kind of busy that weekend so i made the plan to meet next Sat instead. Ok so i am just trying to set the tone for our next meeting in case I fall too quick for another man again lol. I feel like it's prob more like a friendly meetup? thoughts?


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  • You met on a DATING app, you've talked and now you're meeting. What do you think, lol? It's 100% a date. It might not be a fancy dinner date, but it's two people who are both interested in each other going out to spend time with each other.

    Try to play it cool though and try not to fall too quickly. The main purpose of the first date is to get to know each other and see if there's chemistry in person. Hopefully it goes well and you'll see each other again, all the best :)

    • yeah but some people would just use it as a way to meet new people? or use that as a phrase to play it cool? i dunno lol! thanks though ill try not to freak out!

  • its a date but doesn't mean its ok to book the church just yet. dates are just a way to get to know someone

    • ok lol i def have pictured it already!

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    • Sure I won't ! thanks for your advice!

    • cool... now go have fun ;)

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