Did I screw it up already?

Last Friday a freind had a birthday party so I got to meet some new people. One cute guy I had an eye on didn't show much interest in me until near the end of the party.

He came up to me and we were talking well and enjoying each others company. Then he asked is there someone here you like? I told him yes. He asked who. I told him its a secret with a big smile on my face.

But my freinds kept dragging me away from him. Even though I wanted to give him my number.

So one week later I found his Instagram and DMed him asking "is this sonso from Mark's party last week?"

He responded with "hey yeah it's me"

We talked back and forth like 10 times but then he left me on 'read' yesterday.
And he didn't follow me back

Did I miss my chance?

How do I get him reinterested?


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  • You need to have patience hahaha. people may be busy you know. If he don't respond in a week, hit him up again like, hey what's up

    • Yeah I guess... Its just school is starting soon. And after it starts we won't have as much time to hang out

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    • This Friday I'm going to our usual dinner and club with my freinds. My freinds are the DJs so we go every week.

      And Saturday I'm doing a Harry Potter Pub Crawl with my other freinds

    • And school doesn't start for 2 weeks so I was hoping to go on a weekday date

  • if he didn't approach you till near the end of the party you was his last resort. you are better of with a guy who would have chatted with you straight away

    • But I was also dancing with my girl freinds almost the whole time. He was watching me. And I was watching him. He didn't even talk to other girls he was just with his guy friends kinda eying me

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    • cool... i hope it works out either way ;)

    • Thank you

  • Whats the rush let time tell in the mean time relax let him come back to you

    • But what if he doesn't... I guess I could just wait to see if I run into him again at their birthday party again next year

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    • But he showed interest first. But my freinds got between us. So he might have mixed signals

    • So let him know how you enjoyed his friendship

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