Guys, is it true if a guy does like a girl genuinely, he will dig about her, try to get to know her?

Im dating with this guy, for a few dates.
Wr clearly know that we are both physically attracted to each other.

However, during the date, i feel he doesn't try to get to know me. We can talk about any topics, but only one thing he doesn't do, to really get to know me. I tried to get to know him, but he is secretive, i found myself hard to really communicate like a flow.. I didn't sound natural and being myself, because i saw him secretive, and i became stiff and feel awkward as well.

What do u think?


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  • *smh* no. Not every guy will or are going to follow this. I know i dont. If a guy is secretive or what ever, he dont want to put all his cards on the table.


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