How to make my boyfriend (ex boyfriend) feel like he should really keep me this time?

So it's been a few months since we have last seen each other. He broke up with me in July, and we both dated other people, but in the end of August we made up. I've been very hurt and rejected his invites to visit him, I didn't even want to see him for his birthday. He said that he is sorry, he loves me, only me, I just wasn't there when he needed me and I didn't wanna meet up and I didn't wanna move in with him and that I said I don't belong there, he felt like he couldn't have made me happy... Now he is coming to my home town for the first time. I feel like he is putting some real effort again and in the end of the month he booked us a vacation in Spain. He is all the time sending me cheesy messages, kisses, calling me while his at his parents', saying stuff like mom says hello, she is making your favorite salad... We are back together but haven't seen each other yet.
1. Should I get him something for his birthday? It was last month.
2. What should I do to make it fun and cute? What can we do while he is here?
3. Should I just ignore the fact he broke up with me or should we talk about it?
4. How can I make him think wow she is amazing... why the fuck did I break up with her?


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  • blowjob every morning

    • 😂😂😂 okk note taken

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    • You are very cute for a pimp :) and you give good advice

    • haha thank you, good luck to both of you

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