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How do I meet a guy online?

Picture with person! I feel like on-line dating is embarrassing but I really want to try it! Only because it seems unacceptable in my's my stubborn side that wants to experiment. :P

ANYWAY! I want to start dating online but fear I may find a really obese guy who I originally thought was a johnny depp look alike..know what I mean lol.

Why type of questions do I ask?

What signs should I look for?

How do you filter the good from the bad? How do you know if a person is really romeo or a toad for life?

I want to find a long-term relationship and prove on-line dating works!

I usually meet guys networking through school work and acquaintances; but I want something new and would like to filter the ones I would not like after a week or two.


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  • As someone who's taken a whack at online dating before, I highly suggest going through the more reputable sites -, eHarmony, etc - because they've got this down. These people only make money if their users are happy, so they've taken great stock it things running smoothly. (And they do have free versions)

    Many of these sights allow for multiple photo upload, so a great way to know who you're talking to on the other side is to pay attention to the matches with a higher photo count. If all his has is a downward angle MySpace shot that's grainy and obvious posed, he's probably hiding something. However, if he's got a loose out and about photo, you're in for a better chance.

    Also, if you end up meeting for a date and he looks like a toad? Don't call him back! Online dating doesn't mean the first guy you talk to is your new boyfriend. It's just a way to meet people who are interested in serious relationships instead of going through all the guesswork when you meet a stranger.

    I wish you good luck!


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  • Beyond whether you'll end up with someone not matching their picture, you will more likely than not end up getting sexually harassed often, especially if you're attractive - I've heard some horror stories!

    You can always ask someone to send a pic to your cell, or do a webcam chat if you ever get to the point where you're interested in meeting in person. Sometimes you have to read between the lines in profiles and take things with a grain of salt - people are basically trying to market themselves online, so you might see a lot of good, when in reality there is much more bad.

    It also depends on the site you choose to use. eHarmony and such have "reputation", but the free sites can be just as good, if not better in some ways. Check out sites like Plenty of Fish, OkCupid, and the like and see which you like more, OkC is more structured than PoF, but PoF may have a bigger pool to choose from because its a bit more well known, as far as I know. Plus, there are many more men on sites than women...

    Just be smart about it, know what you're looking for, and be nice lol Also, don't be afraid to be the first to send an email if you're interested. It's the net, so don't hold the same standards that the men should approach you - not if you're truly interested in meeting someone.

  • Don't answer an email that doesn't include something from your profile. Lots of guys "shotgun" emails to 20 girls a night in hopes one will bite. Ignore them!

    • Oh that is really good advice. Will keep that in mind when deciding to respond :) THANX!

  • what does picture with person mean? most sites will tell you what to say in your profile.

    • this has good advice

      if you follow that, you'll be ahead of 90% of women on online dating sites

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    • That would be very sad, he complements too much, not that that it is a bad thing but it's just way too soon, is that normal for an online chat?

    • it's up to you.

  • in response to one of your comments, most guys who do the online dating are average or below average overall atractiveness. most guys with a lot of options just find girls and aproach or wait to aproached

    • That is horrible...I am matched with pretty good looking guys, with attractive personalities (on paper) but I just wonder how real they are...

    • it could always be the picture to, girls aren't the only ones that take glamour shots.

    • Very true. thanks! :)

  • did you ever find someone? I use OkCupid and really like it because it is FREE! but so far not a lot of luck :/

    • No I didn't find anyone yet, not sure I want to try again...but I never say never. I socialize outside the house more than on the computer now a days anyway.

  • You're looking to meet someone online, and then to take it offline -- I mean, real life?

    Or are you just looking for someone to talk to and flirt with online?

    • I met someone offline :D...not sure how to delete this question though.

      But I guess for anyone who may have the same question your answer would be valuable.

      I was looking to meet people online, to try and see if it works. I found that my paranoia would not let me put my guard down so it made it hard to trust even the slgihtest...kept thinking the guy I am meeting up with is a killer or psycho, and the picture of the guys messaging me were not the best, body images and stuff.

    • Yeah, I don't know how comfortable I'd be with meeting someone online, then meeting in real life.

      I do sometimes meet interesting people online, but in that case I know we will never meet up.

  • I tried a few sites before, but didn't have any luck meeting anyone. Hope it works out for you.


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  • it's not embarrassing, more and more people are doing it and it's more and more acceptable.

    don't meet with the person right away, email a few times first

    btw, this question is really old. how did it work out for you?

    • not much luck, I don't know why I cannot get over my paranoia that most of the guys on-line just want to get laid. Feels as if some of them are pretending to be interested in me. For some reason I also feel weird that I seem desperate when I go online, but I like reading the profiles sometimes. :S is that weird?

  • I've never dated online but I know people who have. Ask them general questions that you'd ask a guy that you met in person. You wanna be at ease with the person, friendly and get to know them. Don't get too heavy too fast and always watch out for red flags. Just have fun with it and don't take things so seriously. You'll find love when it's meant to happen. Good luck.

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