Would you date a sports nut?

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Someone who can’t watch enough sports on tv..
Not actively participating in a sport
Okay this question is for the women here, I hastily posted, and forgot to chech the girls only box


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What Guys Said 5

  • Sure, although I'd prefer a Fitness enthusiast

  • Being a sports nut I would enjoy spending quality time watching games together.

    But to answer your real question you need to sit down with him and together figure out your priorities because you only get 24 hours every day. If he wants to spend all weekend watching sports and doing things he enjoys doing without you then you have the rights to require his time in doing things during the week to build your relationship. If he doesn't agree and says there isn't enough time during the week then he will need to concede some of his weekend time and become more picky in which sports/games to watch.

    Like I said I am also a sports nut and while I am passionate about sports especially now that football season has begun when I am in a relationship I can compromise and manage my time for the benefit of myself and her and our relationship. At most I would require about 7 or 8 hours during the weekend to watch one college game and one professional game; you can add up time and realize that leaves plenty of extra time to do other things. In additional having experienced positive relationships while I enjoy watching sports, there are things that happen in relationships that I enjoy more.

    • He gets sad when his team doesn’t win, and is Depressed all day..
      I had enough, and left him.

    • Got it. Then why ask the question?

    • Maybe I was too harsh..

  • whats a sports nut? Someone that does loads of sports? If so Im all for it, I love fitness 😁

    • meh, I dont like lazy people. So if all she does is watch tv and even favor it over going out, its a problem.

  • Heaven forbid your SO has a hobby...

    • Yeah not leaving is apartment on the weekends b/c of watching games.. watching games on his phone 80% of the time we’re together.. super annoying

    • Find a hobby of your own... stop chastising him for having one

    • Why don't you just admit you just want to hear about how your boyfriend shouldn't ever have fun or hobbies

      "This question is for the women here..."

      Confirmation bias, party of 1!

  • Where can l buy a sports nut


What Girls Said 1

  • I'm not big on sports. I do like guys who work-out though...

    • I think it depends, really, but I wouldn't date a sports nut. I usually go for edgy nerds or gothic party boys. Neither of these types are big on sports ;) !

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