Is she interested?

I asked this girl out for a coffee date, a few weeks ago then she said "I'm sorry I have to fly to a meeting." I didn't bother responding, assuming she wasn't interested. Then I see she's posting IG stories the day I suggested. Then, I see her at an event a few days ago, and when I'm leaving I ask her "so when are we going to get together?" She said after the 13th. So first time I ask her out she puts me down without saying no, then second time, she offers a specific date. What gives?


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  • Hm maybe she was just busy but defo try again

    • Doubt it, she got back to me the first time at 11:30pm the night before I suggested. And now she's suggesting a specific date... I plan to def try again in a few days.

    • Ah I’m not sure good luck tho!

    • thanks.

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