Is 8-10 weeks of dating enough to expect exclusivity?

Putting into consideration there is no sex, but some physical intimacy?


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  • How about answering the question yourself with these questins:

    1) how long do you expect to be with the person? A year? 10 years? Or a life time?

    2) how long does it take to discover a persons flaws? A month? A year? Few years?

    Note: if until now he's flawless, then you have not known him.

    3) how long does it take to form love among yourself? A month? A year? Few years?

    Note: love is not about how much you benefit from him, but how much you want to give go him, including your life; and vice versa.

    Answer the above questions, honestly and define your own time period. You'll then know when the relationship is to become exclusive.


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  • Depends on the actual time you spent with that person in 10 weeks time. I would think after you spent a lot of time with someone you would both know if you were going to be exclusive or not.


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  • Two months is a pretty long time so yeah.

  • No. You are crazy to even think about it๐Ÿ˜‚


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