Boyfriend ignoring me?

so my boyfriend is 25 years old we been dating for 9 months and things been going good no major arguments. we are both in love and plan a future together. last month my boyfriend completely stopped talking to me no texts or phone calls. I would text or try to call him he won't respond. but I talk to my cousins and he talks to them just cuz he's good friends with 2 of them. when he's upset with me he just ignores me for 3 days like he did 4 months ago. but with this sitaution he's been ignoring me for a month and a half.
usually I would text my cousins to find out what's going on with him and they would get. on him bout not talking to me. then he would call me to fix our problems. yesterday I texted my boyfriend how hurt I was and. I said i won't bother him with my texts or calls so it was goodbye. there was no indication he was upset with me before he stopped talking with me. we talked on the phone every nightnight like nothing was bothering him. is it a sign he wants to break up and not tell me? why would he do this?


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