Is he not satisfied with me?

My boyfriend has ADHD, and he tells me he wants us to be together forever and started talking about kids with me. But he gets distracted easily. We've been dating for 8 months. At first I didn't notice it. But now I am. He looks everywhere at ladies.. guys.. animals.. like everything cars. All that jazz. I just dont understand ADHD at all. I have ADD but it's not too bad. He glances at everything sometimes twice. We were walking out yesterday and there was this dwarf standing she was outside and my boyfriend looked. Then turned around and glanced again. We were walking through the store he was touching everything on the shelf and looked down the aisles sometimes twice. And glanced at women. Is he not satisfied with me? He claims he loves me. And when I cuddle with him I feel protected. He treats me amazing otherwise. He drives an hour to see me. And wants to get a job closer to me. He hates doctors so he isn't on any medication.
Like sometimes I feel he looks at everything else besides me..


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