If I realize no women actually care about me am I better off?

I’m 30 currently single and just piecing my life back together after my last relationship that sent me on a downward spin for 3 years. I got cheated on and it basically destroyed me as we were living together and thought things would go far. Right now I keep to myself don’t really socialize often and my interest in having a woman in my life is non existent. Sure I have natural urges to have sex but the thought of women just using me and eventually crushing my heart again just doesn’t seem worth it. To be honest I don’t even want kids anymore and the thought of having to trust a woman with anything makes me cringe. In today’s age it’s too easy to find some shiny new toy for women and guys are always throwing themselves at women with a complete disregard for their well being. I just don’t see the point in dating anymore when women want to be able to fuck any dude they are attracted to with no concern for you. Is there way more of an advantage to remaining single since you don’t have to worry about girls sabotaging your life?


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  • Every guy has been cheated on it seems. I know how you feel. I question if relationships are really worth the risk these days. Being single and alone does suck but it doesn't suck as much as being screwed over by a woman. No one deserves that.


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