She rejected me! is she into me now?

I asked a girl I work with out on a date a couple of months ago and she said maybe. I took the maybe as a rejection and didn’t bother following it up.

Thereafter We still had little conversations but it was slightly awkward this kind a kicked the banter out the window. There was a little avoidance on both parts.

Last Monday, I went to her electronics section to meet another colleague, I saw her and said hi... she started a conversation with me, told me what she’d been up to etc.. then she asked how I was and mentioned that she had seen my statuses on social media.

So during the past week, I’ve been talking to her everyday. Every time I’ve seen her and spoken to her she’s spoken to me with a boost of energy (as if she’s excited to see me and wants to keep on talking to me) and when alone (no colleagues around) she’s spoken to me with a cute childish/babyish tone of voice.

On Tuesday She sat beside me, closer than usual, laughed at all my jokes and while my focus was elsewhere from the corner of my eye I could see she was starting at me and gave attention to everything we were taking about.

Today, I messaged here and she replied within a minute where as before she’s taken hours or days to get back to me.

Is there something there or is she just seeking attention?


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  • Perhaps since she said maybe she gave it more thought and got to know you better through conversation and might be interested


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