How to pursue a girl that has a lot of common friends between me and my wife?

I'm married, but I have decided to pursue this girl. The girl knows my wife and she is an acquaintance with me and my wife through several mutual friends. My wife and I know her sister as well.

We seems to have feelings for each other and two of us dined out with each other for two times. Each time it feels like more and more like a date. One time during our phone call, she even asked me how many ex-gf I have (indirectly as a question of asking something else), though I'm not sure if that is her purpose (personal is my response at that time).

What is the best/indirect way to pursue her so that in case I got rejected, I won't be a precarious situation as we know a lot of common friends (including my wife)? Any good line that I can express my feelings to her and can turn them into jokes in case she reject?


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  • First of ALL BE A REAL MAN and end things with your wife don't be a dirty dog! How would you like it if that happened to you? Why would you even think about pursuing someone else when your married! I hope you don't have any kids otherwise you would break their hearts to know what kind of a guy you are! I really hope your one in a zillion because I would hate to meet someone like you!

    P.S If you happen to pursue her I hope you get what you deserve!


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