Haven't been out on a date with a man in 10 years?

Any tips on how I can meet quality decent men who respect women and not lure them into sex- seems men don't date women anymore it's all about sex sex sex - do I need to give up?


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  • At your age you should date men much older than you if you want a man who is into a relationship and not about sex. Like 45+ minimum. TBH If I date someone around our age, its strictly casual and all about sex only.

  • No, you don't need to give up. There are still guys around who really want a full relationship and not just sex. You might have to weed out a bunch just looking for sex to find them, but they do exist.

    From what I've heard most dating sites have far more guys looking for sex than for relationships but there are some decent guys even there.

    My suggestion is to get involved in activities/groups/clubs for things you are interested in and go to the social events. That's how I met my current girlfriend and I know some couples that met that way also and are now married. The good thing about that is that you know you have at least one common interest (whatever the activity/group/club is).


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