I’m way too shy and self-consious, yet apart of me wants her like nothing else in life, help?

So I was working as I always am and I passed by a girl who appears to work at the local pub (bar), As soon as I saw her, I swear apart of me was trying to jump out and say “hi” to her, like my gosh, if beauty was measured from 1-100, 100 being desired by EVERY man, and 1 being so undesireable no guy in their right mind would give her a second look, to me she was a perfect 100 and I also noticed she had a pretty decently large chest (I’m a man, cut me a little slack ok) which women with big breasts are my fettish, but I continued to work despite thought of a “me and her” running rampant in my head, After work I wanted to drop by and say “Hi”, but I thought to myself “What if she is already taken, what if she isn't looking, what would happen if you say something stupid, what would happen if you said something silly, what would other people around you think, would she see you as a potential boyfreind”, you get the idea, I’m also very, very shy so socialising is not a strength of mine, I really want to date her and be with her, just dunno what the correct method is that has no negative reprecussions.


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  • Not trying, also means not dating her, just go say 'Hi'!

    • I’ll try to say hi on my way home from work today.

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    • Went to see her after another nap, I took the liberty of brishing up on a few sites on things like talking to girls, showing confidence, etc, that research and some luck helped, how did luck help, As i was heading to the pub, she was just clocking off, we ended up staying at the pub chatting, she caught up on my shyness and lack of social skill because she said “You don’t seem like the kind of guy who gets out often” I followed one solid piece of advice “Be Yourself”, so far things look promising, I look forward to seeing what the future holds

    • That's awesome! Good for you. Enjoy it! And the best of luck to the both you 😉

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