My boyfriend won’t text me back?

So we have been dating for 2 years, I’m 20 and he’s 26. The other night I asked if he wanted to come hang out and he said it would be a bad idea because he has to be up early so he was going to go to bed soon so I said that’s fine. He was up for like two more hours which I thought was weird and then he woke up at 12pm the next day. I told him I was confused and said he didn’t have to make reasons up if he doesn’t want to hang out to avoid hurting my feelings, I understand that he gets tired because I get tired too.
He sent a screenshot of a message between him and some other guy proving he was going to be teaching at some elementary school for a bit in the morning but they found someone else.
He has never taught at an elementary school before, how was I supposed to know he was going to do that but then it was cancelled?
I’ve apologized so much but now he won’t talk to me. All he said yesterday was “You were supposed to not think I was lying. Making things up is another way of saying you aren't trusting me and I'm lying “ So I apologized a lot again and he saved the messages on Snapchat but he didn’t respond. I asked him if he could please say something today and all he said was “I’m busy.”
What can I do? I didn’t mean to say I don’t trust him! I was trying to be helpful saying he never has to have a reason if he doesn’t want to hang out because I respect his feelings and understand that he gets tired or wants to do something else and it won’t hurt my feelings.
Is he ever going to talk to me again? He saved all my apologies on Snapchat so maybe he’s going to respond at some point? Help?


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  • He’s either lying an being sneaky or really has something going on and he wants you to trust his words. I would just give him space until he’s ready to speak to you.

    • He has never lied before, he’s a really honest person but I don’t know why he’s like overreacting? It was a misunderstanding on both parts.

    • Usually when they overreact it’s means their lying or trying to hide something

    • He seems to overreact any time we have a disagreement but it’s never so bad that he won’t even talk to me. I mean how was I supposed to know he was going to teach at an elementary school but it got cancelled?

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  • How do you know what time he went to bed and got up?

    • He stopped responding when he went to bed and said sorry I fell asleep when he woke up

    • You just assumed he got up at 13? Maybe he was on lunch break

  • He dont like you


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