Why people expect me to engage with them first, should I just avoid these types of people?

I move a lot, and I've been to different places a lot and something feels oddly strange when I am engaging with people to find friendships or more.

I've always engaged with people for several years now because they wouldn't engage with me if I never talk to them. This always led to terrible situtations where I was just made in to peoples B**** and I end up complaining about why I get treated like trash from people.

For a while as of now (while continue moving and meeting new people), I focus on myself, I work on myself, and I build myself to be a happier person. Yet, people still don't ever want to engage with me unless I engage with them. People will look at me and expect me to say a word to them but I don't and then they make it seem like I am doing very bad that I am not engaging with them. In work settings, this could be bad because I need help in work and people don't want to help me because I don't engage with them.

When I try to start going back to putting all the work in engaging and everything, again I just be used a their B***** and nothing more.

I want friends and relationship but I am so sick of putting all the work in everything to start while they just sit there and act dumb and pretend I don't exist unless I pamper them.


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  • U should know that sometime you have to
    Sometime you do not have...

    Now if you are outgoing, and its your strength, then engage first...
    Cuz at the end, it is not who start it what matters as it is a journey.


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