Am I overthinking? Or is he REALLY ignoring me?

Everything was great the first two weeks. FaceTime calls everyday or every other. But the last time we had a real conversation was 11 days ago. We spoke for three hours and he literally did not want me to hang up the phone. But he had to go to the gym so he said he would call back. So I assumed everything was good. But after that he went silent. So I tried to hit him up like twice since he claims I never hit him up first (which isn’t true, his service just sucks). But got no response until I saw him at the gym a few days later and everything seemed great. He was so excited to see me. But then I didn’t hear from him again! Until this past Saturday when I missed his FaceTimed call. Eventually I called him back. He said that he’s been trying to reach me but I’m not answering his calls 🙄 I know that his service is really bad where he lives. Cause we’re constantly getting cut off during our FaceTime calls. But a simple text would be fine to let me know you tried to call. He hates texting by the way. Also school just started for the both of us. He’s working on his masters. So I’m not I’m not expecting long FaceTime calls like before. But here I am again...3 days later and no response to my call. Or him attempting to reach me. What’s going on? Is he just not interested? Or is this a misunderstanding? I’m going insane.


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  • Have you talked to him about this?

    • Well all I told him was that I haven’t been getting his calls. And he said he felt like I was ignoring him. That’s what he said 3 days ago.

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    • You won’t know for certain till you talk to him

    • Thank you so much

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