My boyfriend left my house to hang with friends, should I be mad?

My boyfriend was invited to my house for lunch and basically to hang out the whole day. He had lunch with me and my family and then we hung out just us and during the day his friend invited us over for supper. We were gonna have supper as family so we agreed to stay for supper and then after he went to his friends place to hang with them. It was only guys so I didn’t go, but I also wanted to stay with my family.

Should he have stayed regardless? Is he prioritizing his friends over me? My family thinks he should’ve stayed because he was with me and was not putting me first.

I’m not sure what to think. On one hand I would’ve liked him to stay, on the other hand he had spent the whole day with me and a couple friend hours doesn’t matter.


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  • Spending a whole day with the in-laws sounds draining to be honest. I don’t blame him for wanting to hang out with his friends. Y’all aren’t married yet so he can do stuff like this but make sure that he understands it’s not good to agree to plans and break them later.

  • Well I may not know much about a lot of things but I do know that a couple of hours with friends I healthy for your boyfriend because think about it if you got defensive on wanting him all to yourself it would only make the problem worse and I say this from experience it's good for him to hang out with his friends every now and then plus it also means you get a few hours to yourself and once he comes home he's all yours again.


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