People annoyed with you by no reason?

Why is there some people who get annoyed with you because of no reason?

Why do they want to keep their distance with you?


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  • from experience with someone who I used to date the answer is this, and trust me this is the correct answer the reason why they get annoyed with you for no reason is because your there its like...asking for help without actuelly asking for it, for example if they seem really happy and all of a sudden snap at you an if you say something back it turns into an argument, its like a hidden message to say I'm tense and need to let off some steam give me a reason to shout an let it all out, if you allow them to get into an argument with you once the argument is over they feel like that weight is gone and there happy again, stay away from people like that, its a combination of using you to release there stress and looking for attention. the girl I dated used to always say the same sentance I can do what I want when I want, for no reason at all and would always snap at me for things I didn't do or had nothing to do with and for a while this continued she used to tell me to get out of her place an go home then tell me I should stay till the morning then go home but really she wanted me to stay for good not till the morning, she was looking for attention from me and she was trying to make it look like she was a dominant person. really it just annoyed me and I left her, my advice if someone is doing that to you snapping at you and getting annoyed with you for no reason then its two things. one they are messed up in the head and need help (not saying that in a bad way mabye there going through alot) and there taking it out on you. which isn't right and 2. there looking for attention either way my advice is to stay away let someone else take the hit its not your responibility and you shouldn't be the one to deal with it


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  • Its usually because they are annoyed by something going on within themselves at the moment rather than you personally, its almost being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    The majority of people are rational and unless you are doing something inappropriate or acting blatantly annoying. You will rarely be not liked for no reason.

  • I guess they just get tired of how awesome I am :)


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