Is he ashamed to admit he is dating this girl or interested in this girl?

My guy friend treats her way better than anybody else when we hang out together and he will meet her 1-4 times a week and take her on trips to different places - usually spending between $55 - $100 on gas in one day - even though he makes the rest of us pay for gas when he gives us rides - he never asks her to pay. However this girl weighs between 240 - 340 pounds and has a learning disability and lives below the poverty line but has food and water cause she lives with parents who pay for everything. On his facebook profile he has hundreds of photos but not a single photo of her in it. Also when the girl he sees photographs the places they go to or films the locations in video format - he is always absent from the videos and photos. My theory is he likes her a lot but doesn't want people to know he is with an obese woman or that he is dating somebody who weighs around 300 pounds. He is normal size - probably 140 pounds or so and very tall too.


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  • They could just be friends and he feels sorry for her


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