I have a feeling my boyfriend will eventually cheat on me?

But his friends and family and ex say that he's really loyal and trustworthy? Should I believe them? Are they lying?


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  • People can always cheat in anytime no matter how much they loyal seem to be. It is all about it him.

    • How do I find out or know before he cheats

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    • He seems trustworthy. Watch him without letting he know you are suspicious. This behaviour may annoy him a lot.

    • Why do u think he seems trustworthy

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  • I can sense the self-fulfilling prophecy possibly starting. Why do you feel this way? Because it's happened before? Is it because you don't trust him?

    There is also no way to know if they are being truthful or not. They could be honest people or merely trying to better the image of the man you're dating. What's important is finding out why YOU feel this way.

    • Yeah I feel like he's going to cheat

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    • I'm very attached to him :(. I always have a feeling he would cheat but there's also a part of me that tells me he won't, like his family, friends and ex

    • I personally think that if you don't trust someone, then it doesn't matter how attached you are, you won't be completely open with them. I find it a waste of time.

      Then again, you're speaking to a woman who hasn't ever fell in love. *Shrugs*

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  • You asked 4 questions.
    Replies in order.

    1. Depends.
    2. Not a question.
    3. Depends on you.
    4. How should I know.

  • I had a feeling I needed to take a crap, too, but it was just a fart

  • Then why are u with him 😑

    • Because I'm really attached :(

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    • I'm just worried that if he cheats on me I won't know

    • So u don't trust him therefore the relationship is doomed like I said trust is a basic essential

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