Is She Worth Pursuing?

Long story short, I met this girl at a party about 2 weeks. Ever since the party we've have been talking to another up until last week. I asked her one day if she had feelings for me and she said "I think so" but also told me she had a lot of stuff going on and still trying to figure some things out.
Ever since then we haven't been talking to each other that much. I've been to her house 4 times and almost had sex 1 out of the 4 times. This girl also has anxiety.

However, I'm not sure if she is even worth it. One night she came up to my floor ( I live in the campus dorms) to hang out with my sweetmate and they've been only talking for a week. In addition, she knew that I was in the room next to them. They didn't have sex or anything they just slept together that night. I told my sweetmate that I'm trying get wit her and to back off because all he was trying to do was get inside her pennies. He agreed. However, 3 days later she asks him if she can come over again but he just said he was doing stuff.

Personally for me, that really bothered me cause when I ask her to hang, she'll always beat around the bush and avoid the question. Another thing I worry about is her ex. She told me she's done with him and never getting back together but she still has all his contact info and still keeps tabs on him.

In conclusion, I don't know what to do. I don't like rushing into things and would prefer to take my time and see if she's even worth my time. She's a junior (I'm a sophomore) and I know I can be that guy of her dreams but at the same time, based of the stuff she's doing, would that even be a good idea? Should I keep working to prove to her I'm that guy? Or no and just go about my business?

Please I need help ASAP!! Thank you
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  • A and B. Saying you have feelings after one party is a bit extreme. Keep working at it, but work gently. Don't overdo it and don't worry about it. Be relaxed about it. If you win her over, great. If not, well, you're still young. ;- )

  • Go for it


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