He said he’s going out with one of his coworkers after work. Could that be a date?

So he said he’s going out with one of his coworkers tomorrow.
Could that’s be just a guy or a date with a girl?

Does guy go out 1 on 1?
What are the possibilities?

(I have been seeing this guy for couple weeks)
I wanna know if guys go out 1 on 1 and if they arrange it in advance!!!


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  • many coworkers may go for a drink after work just to help wind down or because they are like friends outside work too but all i can suggest is you just ask the guy... im sure he has more of an accurate answer than anyone here

    • well its possible that pre arranging things is better for two guys because like your man the other guy may also have a girlfriend so better to arrange a night they are both free

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