My long distance boyfriend only talked to me yesterday for like two seconds and never texted again?

This guy I've been Long distance with we always talk for a bit in the morning and maybe in the night but yesterday I sent him a good morning and he did reply he gave me short answers and left me on read and didn't answer again. I waited but he didn't message again like he usually does, should I be worried? I'm really anxious cause people always leave me


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  • Many of you on gag here seem to be in long distance relationship and seem to like the idea too.

    Like damn, if i could only at least maybe also have a long distance with someone, that would help with my depression.. lmao.. at least i get some sort of attention

    But anyways, i don`t think you need to worry too much. Maybe he`s just busy, or playing fortnite or whatever lol. Unless it takes longer than a week. Then you might wanna start asking whats up.

    Cos people are horrible, they just leave without warning, and in my opinion that`s abusive behavior. You gotta at least say something. At least say that you lost interest or whatever.

    • Its possible for people to feel a connection through texting so maybe try to meet a nice girl here. A lot of girls here seem to want good boyfriends

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    • Yeah I do see your point but why not meet one here and take it on social media if you guys hit it off you never know

    • Yeah that could work of course. It has to start someone. Whether you get to know one another via the message on here.

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  • He might be busy but usually (not saying this needs to be the case in your relationship) if you don't see each other in an ldr there needs to be more communication.. not just twice a day. That's ok when you date in real life but at least to me, ldr needs way more communication to survive.. if not that then at least notifying each other when you're not going to be available during the day.

    • Well typically our conversations last hours and he is very sweet but he is very consistent but yesterday he wasn't maybe thats why I'm feeling anxious

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    • Oh just text him once and wait for until he answers. You can just ask him then. It might have been an emergency or he might have just been too busy, don't worry about it.

      It only becomes a problem if it becomes a habit, only worry in that case.

    • he called me! I'm so giddy!

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