How can you tell if a guy friend likes you more than ''just friends"?

I've got this guy friend, and I know for a fact he liked me last year, and he was basically my best friend for the longest time..but then things got rocky because of how we felt about each other. We're begining to be friends again and he's dated other people and claims to be totally over me.

But on several occasions I've asked what he was thinking about and the answer has been me, and he's come quite close[nose to nose] to me a few times recently. He also refuses to talk about his feelings.

What do you think is going on?!?


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  • Nothing's going on, purely based on what you've described here. I'll answer this question in two parts:

    1) Based on this situation in particular, it's best that you leave things as it is, don't read him, purely remain as friends, and don't get attached or emotionally involved or romantically interested with him. You still can keep him as a possible boyfriend option, just like any other guys out there as long as you don't get attached to him. You are still young, there are still way many eye-opening experiences to come, not to mention so much more opportunities in life and guys out there for you to meet.

    2) To answer "how can you tell if a guy friend likes you more than "just friends"", sometimes it's hard to tell, but if he's genuinely interested in pursuing a serious relationship with you, he'll definitely try to get to know you, take things slow, and show genuine interest in you through his actions (say taking interest in your life, asking you out on a one-on-one date more often etc.) . But take caution that sometimes there's still ambiguity or in fact confusing signals that they send out to us because most of them don't really know how they feel, and don't really know what they want in life yet at this age. My advice is don't read too much into their actions, keep an alert mind, be observant and learn about guys' characthers and how they usually behave.

    Hope this helps.

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