Guys, Should I wish him a happy birthday? Does he even care about me?

So long story short, me and this older guy had a thing, we were friends and we use to work together. he liked me more than a friend tho. he has a girlfriend and he’s about 20 years older than me. We use to text 24/7 everyday for months and months. and we became very close. I always knew that he wanted more but i told him all the time that i love him as a friend only. And he said that he accepted that. But he didn’t stop flirting with me and sometimes it turned sexual.
One day i just told him that he was being very creepy and i also started to feel like he only wanted me for sex.
After that he kind of stopped texting me as much and after a while he didn’t even respond to my texts. It’s been about 3 months since we had any contact the only contact we had was when he wished me a happy b day on facebook. But a week ago he actually texted me, just asking for a favor. He didn’t even say sorry or anything for not responding to me, and he called me ”babe” like nothing happend... i didn’t respond to him. it’s his birthday today and i don’t know if i should wish him a happy birthday or not.. i very much care for him still but i don’t want to get used by someone and get hurt... any thoughts?


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  • Why would you? Leave him alone duh

    • I dunno cause i still care i guess...

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    • So you don’t think he even cares about being friends with me?

    • No if I had a friend I wouldn't vanish for months and not say anything that's not friend behavior

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