Please read! Am I a fool for trying to fight for her?

I met a girl who changed my life back in 2013, we only dated casually until the beginning of 2014, and we stopped talking because of a minor disagreement. But within a few months, she reached out to me, and we dated exclusively for 6 months, but she broke up with me because she was Mormon, and I'm not.
Over a year and a half later, I reached out to try and fix things because I missed her. She said she was hurt by me not reaching out sooner, and she said she didn't want me in her life anymore.
I was heartbroken, and deleted my Facebook because I didn't want to see her move on.
But, 6 months later she reached out yet again, and I confessed I had been in love with her and we got back together, and she became in love with me. But she committed to going on a mission for her church before we got back together. Despite this, I tried the church, hated it and she stayed with me and we even looked at engagement rings and everything.
But things changed when she left and I was upset, and she broke things off again. I fought for the relationship, and I knew she was conflicted about it, and I just let her finish her mission without getting involved.
I wrote a letter to her to kickstart things back in March and suprisingly never heard from her. I found out she's back, and I tried to reach out on social media to her and she denied my requests and i don't think she's read my message.
I'm absolutely heartbroken, devastated, and depressed. I don't want to lose her and I don't want anyone to love her like I do. She's never ignored me before, and someone gave me a theory that she was suprised by the letter in March, and is just not ready to talk to me right now. But this just hurts. I feel like a complete fool for trying so hard. I wanted to marry this girl, and I thought she was my soul mate.
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Like, I'm literally sick to my stomach thinking about someone else loving her, making love to her, making a family with her, everything I want with her


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What Girls Said 1

  • It's flat out selfish for you to not want anyone to love her. Seriously, move on...

    • I just don't want anyone else to do what I want to do with her cuz that's the person I love more than anything and I don't think I could have made that more clear

    • Selfish

What Guys Said 1

  • You were with her and broke up three times. What will happen if - somehow - you get back together a fourth time?

    • At this point, we'd probably never separate again

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    • She is getting older and more experienced and is developing the capacity to act more resolute about her decisions. Do not tell yourself that your life is over if you do not reunite with her because that is a very real possibility.

      Good luck!

    • Thank you sir. I know it's not, but I just really thought we were meant for moee

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