Would my boyfriend go through all this trouble to see me if he was talking/seeing someone else?

And he's been amazing to me. Hasn't pressured me into sex. Drives an hour to see me. Takes me in public opens doors for me sometimes. Calls me beautiful. He said we make a good couple. He said he hopes we last forever and he started talking about kids. But.. I have this worry he might be talking to another girl? I don't know why. Would he go through all this trouble if he was talking to someone else? Like I met his family and such. Even hung out with them. It's a fear I have since it's happened with another guy before him. His friend said "I'm glad he's found someone decent" to me. Does he really like me? Is he a good guy?


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  • What you posted doesn't seem like any good reason to think he is cheating, and while you shouldn't be naive, you should give him a fair chance. I can understand that the pain of being cheated on before hasn't been forgotten, but this is a differerent guy.

    • Does he seem like a good guy?

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    • Yeah. It's just I'm insecure and I feel like he could do better than me. I'm not pretty. My mom said "I'm surprised he hasn't said anything" regarding my weight. I don't know man. There's so much more prettier girls out there.

    • That is exactly the wrong thinking. Correct thinking: You're doing some Things Right if he is with you. Plus, I'd bet you're more attractive than you think you are.

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