Why is a guy so angry a girl had sex with his friend?

A guy yelled at a girl and said "You gave my dawg some!!". Him and the girl aren't dating at all and if he felt some kind of way about her the dude never let her know. She also had sex with him to and thought he didn't like her. If he doesn't like her why is he getting so angry? This guy also told the girl he had a crush on her for the longest in front of his friend in March but she took it as a joke. Whats wrong with this guy?


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  • Well if he told her that he liked her then I can see why he’s mad even though they weren’t dating. He was probably working up the nerve to ask her out when he found out that she slept with his friend and wanted to know wh.

    • He didn't tell her he liked her. Does that mean he never liked her then? Why is he getting mad if he dont like her?

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    • Yes he did say that

    • Then how can you say that he didn’t like her

  • Why hoes be handin out the puss like it's day old deli samples and getting all pissy when someone gets mad?


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