Is he a keeper? Why is he with me though?

My boyfriend has been great. Hasn't pressured me into sex. Drives an hour to see me. Takes me in public opens doors for me sometimes. Calls me beautiful. He said we make a good couple. He said he hopes we last forever and he started talking about kids. But.. I have this worry he might be talking to another girl? Would he go through all this trouble if he was talking to someone else? Like I met his family and friends. Whenever half naked girls run down my street. All the guys look at them. And stare. My boyfriend deserves better. And prettier. I'm 5ft and weigh over 200 lbs. We've been dating for 8 months. He probably lowered his standards for me.. my mom said "I'm surprised he hasn't said anything yet" about my weight. He has ADHD and gets distracted by everything cars, people, trucks, buildings. I feel like he looks at everyone else and women over me. He claims he loves me. And I guess he talks about me a lot to his friends. He deserves better than me?


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  • This question isn't about him. The actual question here is "I have trash self-esteem and I'm letting it self-destruct good things for me, what do I do?"
    To which a possible answer is "Maybe you should find ways on how to love yourself, I don't have specifics, start there"


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  • now wait just a darned minute. so you're a big girl so what? You deserve love too if YOU feel he deserves better become better, hit the gym diet do something nice for yourself buy some linguerie and surprise him with it. Give him surprise oral sex Let him do anal with you spoil the hell out of your man.

    Make him feel like if he losses you he is lossing something he won't find easy. If he is done so much for you I'm 100% sure this guy is a great person.

    Be happy and proud you found a great guy most of our fellow girlfriends would kill for a guy like that and you are just gonna let him go. Fuck no, you deserve him and he deserves you do all that I said trust me he will love it spoil him with your body when you're ready, look sexy for him, lose weight for him. Love him and be faithful to him. marry him and give him a bunch of kids

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