What does 😉😂 mean?

Their is this that I see occasionally, and I catch him staring so I request him on Instagram we follow each other and we’ve never talked But somehow the other day I sent him a video about something and he opened it. 6 hours later I saw that I sent a video didn’t know what it was, so I messaged him saying “im sorry I didn’t know what I sent” then he said “hahaha your good but tell me why I was trying to figure what I sent you for 10 minutes in class ” and I said “Oh my goodness 🤦‍♀️ I literally don’t know how it happened, I just saw it, and then I saw that I sent it 6 hours ago I was like wth” then he said “lmao your straight” and then I asked what is was and he said it was YouTube music video, and I said “Ohhh okay, Im still confused haha but whatever” and the said “Lolol imma have to lob you a weird vid from time to time to get even now” and I said “ohh okay ” and the weirdest part he replied in like a minute so that was crazy, at one point I was at a meeting and it took me 3 hours to say something back and responded back in like a minute, a guy has never done that to me before, so what does it mean?


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  • Perhaps that means he's amused, but at the same time, he's assuring you that he gets you, as to not embarrass you somehow.


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