Can you cheat on someone and still love them? Other than cheating, how else can someone show they don’t really love you?


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  • Yep, I cheated on my last girlfriend with 8 girls. It's sad tho

    • First time I heard someone say yes lol. But other than cheating how else did you show you loved her? A lot of people have cheated and said they loved who they cheated on but besides cheating they did other things that showed they didn’t love them to begin with which is why they cheated.

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    • See that’s different vs someone cheating on someone who was nothing but good to them.

    • She was good to me tho

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  • They can but they’re clearly self sabotaging with the cheating and ruining something real. That indicates lack of self love. They can love you but they can fail to love you in a healthy way because of their own issues. Real love is being able to empathize with the person you love completely and you wouldn’t cause them pain by cheating. So yes, they can love you, but not in a way that’s healthy.

    They can also show they don’t love you by never considering your feelings and appreciating you too. Lack of respect is up there as well.

    • Yea that’s true but in certain situations them cheating can mean they love you but most times when someone cheats they show other signs they didn’t love you before they cheated as you said lack of respect, not considering your feelings them cheating just made it noticeable that they never really genuinely loved you.

    • I know someone who ended up being with a guy who was cheating with her, she knew he had a girl. The girl found out and he chose her over his girl. Now she always says things like. Cheating doesn’t mean he doesn’f love you when we tell her he’s gonna do the same thing to her but as I said that’s only true for certain situations for hers it isn’t.

    • Right. Cheating does directly tie into lack of respect and considering your feelings. I think it varies from person to person and relationship to relationship, but I do think one thing is always true: you can’t build anything stable without trust. Relationships are like building a house, your foundation has to be strong first or else anything you build on top can break down over time. Your foundation is trust. How that trust is kept and won/maintained is up to the people involved.

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  • No you can't. No matter what someone says, no. If they cared, they would not do it. It's that easy. They can lie to me.

  • People that love each other, don't cheat.

    • Okay so if a guys shows you off on social media, tags you in post, texts you and tells you how much you mean to him, how much he loves you and talks about getting your name tattooed on him and how he wants you in his life no and is planning a vacation for the two of you but he still cheats, would that mean he just fed you a bunch of lies and only does those things so you don’t catch on to the fact that he’s playing you?

    • Yup, you got it. He can't be totally serious if he is cheating.

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  • Why would someone risk breaking, hurting and losing someone they love over someone else just because of their own selfish wants? The answer is no. You don’t hurt the ones you love.

    • Actually yea we do hurt the ones we love the most. Like when you do or say something that upsets or hurtecyour parents which we all have done we still love them we just made a mistake.

    • That’s different. Cheating has no excuses, lemme rephrase, why would we mentally destroy someone’s heart, because of selfish reasons such as sexual wants?

  • There are many open relationships out there and the people don't love each other any less. So yes, I believe a cheater in a supposed monogamous relationship can still love their SO.


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