Is this rethinking her decision?

So we been talking for 8 months. Never started out as friends. We were intimate from the start. We had sex and messed around. She always showed affection towards me and told me she liked me to my face.

i wasn't ready for a relationship. But she kept on giving me hints. Such as telling me she's single and asking me if i like her, and just being all over me. Before she went to study abroad for a month i kind of did something stupid and asked for my hoodies back and not asking her to hang out. I think she got hurt. We kept in contact the month she was away. When she returned we hung out and got dinner. I noticed she was a little off. I asked her to be my girlfriend. She rejected me. She told me she sees me more as a friend, and that she can only offer her pure friendship. And that she doesn't do friends with benefits. Also claiming that she has no more feelings for me.

So 2 days after this talk and she's been texting me first a lot. Texting me back rapidly fast. She invited me out to her bday dinner with friends. Here she was all over me. Feeding me with her fork and just touching me nonstop and leaning into me. I said bye to her and i hugged her and she just wouldn't let go for a little bit.

i still think she's into me just by the way she acts around me and texts me. Is she just being spiteful? Because i sure as hell know i just ain't a friend to her.


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