What kimd of guys would a girl cheat on, and why?

Personalitys, traits, ugliness, height, etc, and why


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  • I think you have the wrong idea about infidelity. Is not that girls will cheat because x & y about the guy.
    Infidelity in most cases has been the climax of bad factors stepping on top of each other.

    A simple problem in the relationship can develop in mistrust and miscommunication in the relationship. And this can lead to keeping help on other people and when you find that other people give you the support that you don't get at home your the idea of a change is not that bad.

    Other common reason is the exitment and feeling alive, wanted and young again. This is mostly from older ladies who's husband dont satisfies them sexually or they ignore them as females. The fire is out basically and when an opportunity presents is it easier to go for it and enjoy life one last time.

    So you know problems and lack of love/sex can cause an infidelity. Now the 3rd factor.

    The abusive relationship, most of us want to have a partner by our side and we want them to be there because they want to not because they are forced to. Many infidelities come from females from an abusive relationship or marriage. As shown in the problems explanation, females will go with someone who treat them right if you don't then don't be surprised to loose her.

    And last, is because lack of will or immaturity. Even when we are in a relationship is easy to approach a side girl and eventually have sex. We don't do it because we are loyalty to the person we love. But there is certain times when the reasons aline perfectly.
    Ex: you and your girlfriend just got into a huge argument she goes to the club with her friends has way too much drinks to forget about what is happening and unfortunately his long time 2nd option and very handsome friend is there to support her and take to his bed. Same with guys, for what ever reason your wife doesn't want to have sex and one day you had it, but your hot coworker knows how to help you taking you for some drink and then when you are too out of yourself her teasing becomes too much.

    Remember that humans are very far from perfect, actually we are very stupid as a species. And add to the mixture the factor that lust and sex is wired in our biology but religion has molded societies to believe monogamy is the right thing and everything else is wrong.

    And as a result you will have e our modern societies, where religious support has gone down and divorce rates are in an all time high, in addition with the new proactive of contract forehand of marriage.

    • Not saying it is a bad thing but surely we are getting closer to our true self as species who are ever-changing when it comes to improvement.

  • Guys that aren't hot


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